Kids Licensing has turned the license into a product of high marketing value, which adapts to the needs of any company that seeks to strengthen its brand in the omnichannel area.
Quality products, but not forgetting the price.

Nowadays the consumer never forgets the importance of the price. However, that consumer who is willing to pay something else for a product that is:
Different and Quality.

Both adjectives are a constant challenge that we have managed to overcome in the thousands of licensed products that we have designed and manufactured for our customers.
Disney, Marvel, Lucas Film, Warner, Nickelodeon, Mattel… are just a few examples of the wide variety of licenses that entrust us with their image to develop our products.

For this, Kids Licensing has a large design and communication department that analyzes and implements each license with a maximum of rigor, giving it its personal stamp of creativity that makes them distinguishable in the market. Either for the originality of our designs in an increasingly competitive product, as for the attractive packagings created specifically.

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